A Method for Dating

Most parents do a great job of educating their children about the dangers of sex, drugs, gangs and so forth. However, in effort to make sure children avoid the pitfalls of adolescence, they often forget to teach them how to do some of those things well. Dating is a perfect example. Most young adults have heard the standard reasons why one should abstain from sex before marriage, but very few have ever been taught a method for how to date someone. They are all left up to their own to figure out how to do it.

Over the past 11 years I’ve worked in student ministry, I’ve developed a method that I feel is a good way of approaching dating in a way that is both God-honoring and effective for young men and women. Instead of flooding this blog with that method, I’ve started another blog that explains the method in detail: www.thedatingblook.wordpress.com.

I hope you find it useful. Please pass it along!

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