Why Sticking With Church is Worth It

For most of us, our relationship with the church is fairly … complicated.

Most of the time we love it: Church is our place of worship, our place of remembrance, our place of fellowship. It is a source of support in time of need, encouragement when we are weary and direction when we have gone astray. It’s our family!

But, like any family, sometimes it gets tough: there’s conflict, there’s disappointment, there’s division and there’s sin. There are seasons when we are out of sync with one another and we just can’t seem to get on the same page.

It’s complicated.

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I Still Want Our Hymns Back

As I was doing research for a Bible study, I came across some articles and commentaries about the hallel.  It was a collection of songs that Jews would sing during their festivals and holidays.  These songs have been sung by the Jewish people year after year for thousands of years.  They were written to commemorate stories of Israel’s past that she wasn’t to forget.  They were written to praise God for His work during those stories.  They were written to unite the people who sing them.  Those songs, they would say, are “ours.”

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I Want Our Hymns Back

The songs we sing in church have changed – and I’m not so sure I like the trend.

10 years ago churches were wrestling with the issue of what to do with ‘traditional’ services. Hymns vs. contemporary praise music was a divisive issue that church leaders had to wrestle with consistently. Today, the issue is all but gone. It is difficult to even find a church that offers a traditional service any longer. What happened?! Continue reading “I Want Our Hymns Back”