A Method for Dating

Most parents do a great job of educating their children about the dangers of sex, drugs, gangs and so forth. However, in effort to make sure children avoid the pitfalls of adolescence, they often forget to teach them how to do some of those things well. Dating is a perfect example. Most young adults have heard the standard reasons why one should abstain from sex before marriage, but very few have ever been taught a method for how to date someone. They are all left up to their own to figure out how to do it.

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Discipleship 101 – The Biggest Obstacle

As my sixth class of 25 Forge students arrived this past week, I couldn’t help but notice what I consider to be one of the most difficult obstacles in making disciples.  As the students lugged their belongings into the apartments and began to get to know one another, I kept thinking about all that was involved in getting them here:  a lengthy application process, an interview, then an acceptance commitment, then several packets of information, lots of phone calls, scheduled arrival times, and, finally, a welcome dinner for the students and their families (just to name a few).

That’s when it hit me:

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Top 10 Excuses for not Making Disciples

When I was in college I was fortunate enough to have a man not only impart the Gospel to me, but also his very life as well (1 Thes. 2:8).  I would not be the minister I am today without his investment in my life.  In fact, being his disciple for two years has had more impact on the way I do ministry today than my seminary education did.

Unfortunately, I find my story to be a rare one.  Whether in the lives of the college students I work with on a regular basis, my peers, or even other believers who are older than me, few have been discipled.  Too few.  Alarmingly few.

How can this be?  It is one of the most fundamental elements of being a follower of Jesus – and yet there are few who are being obedient.  How are we okay with this?  Simple.  We’ve come up with some really good excuses.  Actually, they’re really lame – but we seem to think they justify our obstinance.  Here are 10 that I hear all too frequently:

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Why Are We So Busy?

“I have often said that the sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room.”  -Blaise Pascal

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I Still Want Our Hymns Back

As I was doing research for a Bible study, I came across some articles and commentaries about the hallel.  It was a collection of songs that Jews would sing during their festivals and holidays.  These songs have been sung by the Jewish people year after year for thousands of years.  They were written to commemorate stories of Israel’s past that she wasn’t to forget.  They were written to praise God for His work during those stories.  They were written to unite the people who sing them.  Those songs, they would say, are “ours.”

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