DIY Workbench (phase 1)

My garage has gotten some serious love the past few weeks. Now that the garage floor has a new look, I decided to finally build myself an actual workbench. Over the years we’ve had tables and other odds and ends that we used for projects, but never an actual workbench. We don’t have a ton of garage space, so we weren’t sure what would be the best configuration around to use. Lucky for me, there are lots of other people out there who really love workbench making & offer up their ideas for free!

So, I looked around for a day or two and got some ideas that inspired my design. It most closely resembles this one with some obvious modifications. Ideally, this is phase one of the construction. In the second phase, I’ll build some rolling units that will double as secondary work surfaces as well as under-bench storage.

So, I started out with an empty space as you see above. I ran to the hardware store and picked up some 2×4’s and 4×4’s and started cutting my pieces to length. I wanted my bench to be the same height as our table saw, so I modified the plans accordingly.

Once the pieces were cut, I needed to cut some grooves in the 2×4’s so the bolt rod could fit within the wood. I did this with the table saw because we don’t have a router. It takes longer, but it still achieves the same result.

Once the pieces were all cut, then it was a matter of drilling a bunch of holes and getting all the pieces to line up together. After some mistakes and successes, here is the first table. It’s 4′ long by 2′ deep. I’m making two tables of the same dimension so that they can be arranged in a variety of positions depending on the projects we’re working on.

Here is the second table. It went much faster than the first – learning curve and all. The top is a 4′ x 8′ sheet of MDF (1/2″ thick) that I cut in half, glued together and then attached to the top. One sheet was enough to build the two tops. In the second phase of building (who knows when that will be), I hope to build 3 rolling carts that will fit beneath each bench. Two carts beneath the left bench and one beneath the right. We’ll see.

You’ll notice the dimensions of the base of each bench are different. The base on the right is narrower because I have left room on the right hand side for a vise that I’ll install at some point. You can see it better from this picture below. All in all, I’m pleased with how these turned out. I’m just excited to have some actual workspace in my garage. Now it’s time to organize that pegboard!


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