Letting Go of LOST

As I watched the final 5-6 episodes of LOST, I began to notice that the writers weren’t pacing themselves to be able to answer the massive volume of questions that they had raised over the past 6 years. Strangely, I didn’t mind. As the show drew to its finale, I found myself much more interested in what was going to happen to Jack, Hurley, Kate, etc. and how the story itself was going to end.

There has been much written on the finale and people have been on both sides of whether or not it was an acceptable way to end the series. Some reviews have been irrationally harsh and others just disappointed, I felt that the finale was not only a satisfactory ending to the story, but also very well done. 3 Reasons Why:

1. The finale didn’t get ‘lost’ in the questions. Every summer my wife and I watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. When I get to the end of Return of the King, I never find myself saying, “What a hoax! All of that just to throw a ring into some stupid volcano?! I just wasted 9 hours of my life!” Most stories we love don’t answer all the questions that arise as the story is being told because the answers to those questions would distract from the main storyline. In the end, Walt’s final destiny didn’t really have a bearing on the story- so I don’t really need to know what happened to him anyway.

2. The finale was exquisitely acted. Did you know who Jorge Garcia was before LOST aired six years ago? How about Michael Emmerson? Even though we may have seen Matthew Fox in Party of Five, he wasn’t even the well-respected actor he has become as a result of his work on LOST. And who the heck was Evangeline Lilly back in 2004? I have never been more impressed with an entire cast of actors than this one. All of the main characters delivered week-in and week-out for six years. They made this story believable. And their performances in the finale were no different. Every show will find its ending, but not every show will have an ending with a cast as well-put together as we had for LOST. I don’t think any of them wasted the past six years of their lives.

3. The finale confronted the audience. I don’t know what you felt as you watched the finale, but I felt stripped naked by the whole thing. As I watched Hurley ask Ben for help and then saw Ben beam with honor – I immediately thought, “Woah, I never would have thought to ask Ben for that.” How many television shows are you watching that cause you to re-evaluate your own humility?

Those who watched the finale looking for all the answers, probably missed what the writers of the show have been telling us for six years: “Um, these characters are made-up…nothing in this show is real…but your life is real and you identify with some of these characters…so, how lost are you?” The finale confronted all of us by bringing the stories of all the characters into one central focus. They were all ‘lost’ because they were all desperately insecure. Those insecurities led them to fight, destroy, and corrupt – just as the Man in Black described. Not until people discovered ‘their destiny’ did they start behaving selflessly. Ironically, LOST has been more about the people watching it than it has ever been about Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke, or the smoke monster.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of LOST. Thanks for six years of great storytelling and entertainment. Well done.

What did you think of the finale? Were you satisfied with the ending?

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2 thoughts on “Letting Go of LOST”

  1. Thanks, Ginger! Loved your post, too. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to go to a funeral just before watching that episode. I’m glad you were in the “I liked it” camp too. 🙂

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