Jeremiah’s Legacy

“I have made you an assayer and a tester among My people, that you may know and assay their way.”  -Jer. 6:27

I’m glad that there have been Jeremiahs in my life.  When I listen to those people in my life – even when I want to hurt them for telling me the hard stuff – I always find healing and blessing on the other side.  Invariably, I will come to a point of realization that I would never have seen those blind spots in my life were it not for those people who spoke boldly and almost arrogantly into my life.  At the time I thought they were assayers and testers – but they were functioning as instruments of God’s grace in my life.  Were they not to come and were they not to assay my way, I would have wandered off on the same path as Israel and Judah. . .and we all know where that path leads.

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