Election Observations

1. A historic night – no matter what candidate you voted for. Unfortunately, for my generation and those younger than myself – there is a certain element of this history that we can’t fully appreciate because we didn’t experience the pain of the civil rights movement. Still meaningful for my generation, but the magnitude of it all is somewhat lost on us…well…lost on those of us who aren’t African American.

2. Watching an election has never been so much fun! Throughout the course of the day these social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc were just buzzing with people throwing their support out to their candidate. These sites were in their infancy in the previous election and have really made this process much more interesting. I’m curious to see how these types of sites will be a huge factor in 2012. $10 says we see the candidates more in chat rooms than in gymnasiums (and we’ll see Facebook’s profits go through the roof!).

3. Apparently, several American Christians are afraid of Barack Obama. That is stupid on so many levels. And, yes, I mean stupid.

4. A lot of American Christians are obsessed with the phrase, “God is in control.” Funny how it only comes out when we’re trying to console ourselves. ….that’s always bothered me. “You keep using that word….I do not think it means what you think it means.”

5. I’m thinking that many American Christians are afraid they might actually have to stand up for what they believe in because it is fast-becoming the minority view. And, ironically, instead of standing up for our beliefs, we find it easier to just slander the person who is threatening our cushy lifestyle. Whoops! So much for standing up for those beliefs. (see also 1 Peter 2:13-15)

6. I don’t agree with any of Barack Obama’s policies, principles or philosophies and don’t have to – even though he is my president-elect. That’s pretty awesome. Hard for me to imagine living in a place where I couldn’t freely do that. I probably take it for granted.

7. The single most popular Facebook status of the day: “I am praying for my country.” Why are we saying that? Did we stop praying while a Republican was in the White House?

8. If John Madden were doing the color commentary on tonight’s election he would say, “Obama beat McCain – bam! – right now!” I mean, McCain got straight up embarassed tonight. Landslide victory for Obama. Haven’t seen one of these in a looooong time.

9. I think John McCain’s concession speech was amazing. Everyone is saying that it was ‘gracious.’ I thought it was inspiring. It blew Obama’s acceptance speech out of the water.

10. No one cried tears of joy when George W. Bush was elected president. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t have cried if McCain would have been elected – and I doubt many others would have either. Why?

11. I think Obama’s election is the best economic stimulus package that George Bush has come up with yet.

12. Gov. Bobby Jindal for President in 2012!!! 🙂

Your observations? Add to the list…


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